10 April 2010

the labyrinth that india is

its outright tragic to note that what started of as an uprising from the remote village of naxalbari (darjeeling district of west bengal) has now taken such a monstrous shape. naxalism or maoism (call it by whatever name) has turned ugly and what had started off as a messiah for the poor and the down-trodden has now turned frightful, bloody and arrogant.

ideologies are good until they aren't forced upon, just on anybody. when ideologies turn violent then its the hauteur that speaks and not sanity. its inane to see the 'war' being raged by the maoists of india against the government. i pity the people who are dying, i pity the situation our nation is presently in. i pity myself for just writing blogs and doing precious little.

we have roughly five parties involved here:
the government
the police
the maoists
the rural india of the tribal belt
the common indian (rural and urban)

1) the congress (till the mid 90s) did nothing since independence (yes the congress, vile and impotent), BJP came to power but those no-brainers broke mosques, killed muslims but india still got headway (it's still going strong despite all this chaos) then again came the congress and the same set of politicians, this time more educated, more visible, having a sense of sanity but far removed from what india's problems are and what the solutions should be. the plans sound good (though we have difficulty deciding good or bad, dimensions are many and history is beckoning), but whats needed isn't a gift of gab and frenzied and hurried decisions but commitment, all-round development, impartiality, analysis, patience, transparency (its an herculean asking i admit) and round-the-clock vigilance, better intelligence and instilling a sense of confidence among every section of the people. i feel bad discussing the government part, its tragic, i loathe it, i just don't feel writing..

india is a difficult and beautiful nation marred with problems galore but those people with money in swiss banks need to come out of their air-conditioned cars and do something. the blame game has to stop, if they need to work for the people that is. i still have some faith in the government (forcing myself hard), the development has now started, socio-economic plans are being discussed and executed, we are slow and lazy but with time things seemingly would be fine but then we have the maoists, the terrorists, the corruption, the ignorance and the police. the police which is supposed to be common man's best friend is more than often the worst enemy, so much that people are mostly afraid of them.

2) the indian police is seen more as a servant to the rich and a few. they are often found threatening people, abusing girls, harassing the common man and manning the cars of politicians and going behind their fat asses. i know there are sections of good policemen too but it hardly makes a difference. most are arrogant and indifferent, ill-trained, little equipped with facilities and knowledge. you can say they are much like the politicians they go around protecting. but if its about going against the maoists, its duty, not a matter of choice in any case. the indian police though infamous and dreaded works in the worst conditions (i doubt if they have police stations as bad in somalia the likes we have in india). the paramilitary (and the police too) has to work in the harshest of the conditions including wild forests, the scorching weather and low salary amongst others. there is no one to encourage them, no one to celebrate their deeds, no one to talk or care about them. they are the unsung heroes but we indians hardly care. we are busy watching IPL and hollywood (even i am, not IPL but hollywood). the paramilitary and the police are different (not much in attitude though) but the maosist are long blind to note the difference. its very sad to lose so many of them to the maoists who are stupid, mad and cruel. i am actually sympathizing with the police (so unusual of me).

3) the maoists are brainwashing illiterate tribesmen to goons, looting the rich, assaulting the police and the common man alike. the same voice they wanted for the poor is now being curbed by them. they are not letting the government (yes the same bad and evil and impotent government) do their work of making roads, introducing employment by setting up industries (now lets not talk about the alleged nexus in the resources-rich red corridor, between the industry houses and the government)..

i know its a matter of concern (the maoists sprung up for this only). my blood boils when i think of the invisible mafia that has enabled a few to become rich while millions live in penury, am talking of jharkhand, am talking of chattisgarh, am talking of pockets of bengal and orissa. when there was so much wealth beneath the earth then why did only a few became rich. and even if the maoists are wiped out (they must now), its only a matter of time before things would be back to square one if this mafia in the industry continues to bloom. i dont sympathize with the maoists (their concern is (was actually) genuine but their methodology is bogus). i simply go insane reading about their idiocy. are they in their right minds? god give them brain. help them out of their misery. let them see light. they are mental enough to be going around killing armed men. nobody wants a government with a gun (though the one in india is no different but they at least don't go around killing the masses, they do so secretly and slowly and one-by-one)..

4) the rural india including the supporters and the haters, the protagonists and the antagonists... the likes of ranvir sena, the salwa judum, and many many more. they are the troubled souls not knowing what to do, where to go, they are like the ham between the burgers, butchered and tasted by every mouth. theirs is the most tragic story. the most difficult life. a life so unsure, a life of sheer passion. a boy who loses his father to the maoists joins the hate group and the boy who was tortured by the police for being an alleged informer to the maoists becomes a supporter. and then the ones who have long been ditched, marginalized and unspoken of in the resource rich hinterland. no points for guessing where they go. the maoists seemingly have a support amongst these people and unless the government, the police and the rich doesn't reprimand themselves for real i dont see the support waning.

and finally the common man that is i..

5) some of us write blogs, read newspapers, feel sorry or cry for those brutally killed, praise the heroes, curse the villains, read more about the mess and go crazy and think of doing big, thing of solving this maze, think of correcting everyone and everything, skip restaurants and movies for a while while others dont even bother that..

i know everything is so intertwined, complex and intriguing and this is the labyrinth india is...

i pray for solutions and pray that i become the solution someday..
amen.. god give my country some soul

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