07 March 2010

world heritage sites

a thing of beauty is a joy forever - john keats

am an ardent lover of architecture and everything beautiful and breathtaking and as such mexico, spain, italy, china, egypt, france, india, pakistan, indonesia, myanmar, turkey (and many more) are treat for me..

while many of the above nations feature prominently in the list compiled by UNESCO naming the heritage sites from the nation, i find it appalling that a degree of bias exists whereby many remarkable monuments from the indian subcontinent have been ignored or have to be severely pushed to be included..

how largely ignoramus UNESCO can be is for the general audience to decide but am aghast and uncomfortable with the listing (not by large though)..

while am not going to debate if all the creations of gaudi must feature from barcelona or the temples of badami be excluded but to include every single monument from medieval europe sounds outright silly..

all these cathedrals and churches and castles look pretty much the same. if i apply insight and segregate them into gothic, renaissance, romanesque i still find it amusing why so many feature on the world heritage list and so many ignored from india, pakistan, indonesia, turkey, egypt etc..

if every church has to be on the list then why not every temple, every mosque and every fort. we have many temples and huge forts and palaces which are much more ancient and historical than they have in europe..

archaeological sites from latin america are also a common fixture in the list and it proves how the world tries to gulp down a section of history and wildly ignores the rest..

when the new seven wonders of the world list was compiled UNESCO shrugged itself away from it, as if it makes them any superior, it only shows how outdated and incompetent they can be..

while i will continue loving every single beautiful church and cathedral and castle from europe and every archaeological site from latin america i will continue to feel sorry for UESCO for not being a remarkably international body..

expectations are as such little from them for the future..

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