08 March 2010

academy awards 2010

well, like every year, this time too, the academy awards created quite a flutter but for the better..

i seriously hope filmfare would learn some lessons and stop making fool of themselves by degrading the awards every passing year..

filmfare is downright silly, foolish, bogus, gawky, immature, giddy and filthy with horrible nominations and presentation and the innumerable dance sequences..

amidst the nonsense the talent gets lost and that's only expected from bollywood..

academy awards are a class apart (though not perfect)..

a still from precious
i had seen two of the many nominated movies including 'up in the air' and 'precious' and tell you, i liked the later a lot, much better than even last year's best picture winner (slumdog millionaire for those who don't remember), am eagerly waiting to watch 'the hurt locker', after all kathryn bigelow cant get it wrong for sure, now that she is the first lady ever to have won the best director award and on a day when the world was celebrating (or not celebrating) international women's day..

the indian parliament couldn't proceed with the tabling of the 1/3rd reservation of seats for women coz of a handful of illiterate politicians, thats a different story altogether..

well, i liked monique's speech a lot, though some claim she was self-righteous, protective and even angry, its absolutely silly to say she has got her 15 mins of fame and she should now move on. whether she is here to stay or not i don't care and nobody should (people have poor knowledge of history and they tend to get emotional), she performed superb in a movie and won, and justifiably so, thats all and it should end there..

its any day better to give a politically correct speech than to thank your hair-dresser, your tailor, your maid, your toilet cleaner, your cook with peals of laugh at regular intervals..

even jeff bridges disappointed and to en extent kathryn (she could have said something historical while making history) n sandra too..

monique was true, real, smart, beautiful and outspoken and i loved her..

i loved the movie, its entire cast, its director and every minute detail..

precious is really precious..

well, the judgement this time was easy and thank god, avatar didn't do a chamatkar..

waiting for the next academy awards and the next filmfare too, lets see this time how more frivolous they (filmfare) become.

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